Friday, 25 November 2011

Part three in photo journal: Spring to Summer 2011

As spring arrives and brings forth new growth so we see this in the children, as develop new skills and move onto new work

This spring we have anew addition to our teaching team who bring fresh ideas into the classroom. Here we have an individual baking table with photo step by step instructions on how to make your own scone.

The brand new clock work has arrived, the children are all eager to try out this new work.

As our five year olds build confidence throughout the year they are  now presenting to the younger children.

Language explosion!

Learning how to master the roman arch

Children begin to move not higher Mathematics

We started the year with 1-50 numbers for the hundred board now we have 1-100!

Language explosion continues.......

..........and continues

We have a new piece of equipment...the fraction board, children are keen to try it out.

As summer starts to arrive the head teacher decides that seen as we have many new works on the shelf we must start to get more shelves and start to rearrange the classroom to ensure that everything is perfect for the children. This is the new sensorial area.

These are the new math shelves.

The library has been opened up and there is now less chairs in here than before.

Our practical life shelves have been changed they were too high before and were designed for the older children. Now they are just perfect.

Our turtle tank has been moved from the practical life area in the previous photo to this side of the room to allow more work space.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Part two in photo journal: Autumn to Winter 2011

The children have been introduced to the land, sea and air work

During Autumn the children were able to analyze the different kinds of leafs using a chart as a guide

The children are playing more eye spy with the head teacher and have moved from single objects at the start of the year to multiple object now in the month of July

As the term comes to an end the children are involved in dusting and taking care of the shelves ready and clean for term three

Here Eva is working with clock work and the concept of time which she has progressed to throughout the year

The children are grading colours in a group activity whee they are grading the colours against a puzzle of the planets

There have been complex puzzles added to our shelves as the children progress through the year

Complex sorting actives have been placed on the shelf as the children progress

The constructive triangles have been presented as the children move onto more advance work in the sensorial area 

More complex puzzles for Stephan who works on a puzzle per day.

Jack moves onto division work this term

Children are working with the 'farm' grasping the concepts in language such as nouns, and adjectives

This is an extenuation of the 100 board work where numbers are missing from the sequence

Advancing through the knobbed cylinders and mastering the activity blind folded

Patterning with the knob less cylinders

Coco is discovering the match between the knobbed cylinders and the knob-less cylanders

The classroom has been re-arranged and the children input in that change around

More leaf work, this corresponds to the season and the children can relate their work to the environment and the change of season

Matthew has ground so much this year and has developed the confidence to read to the children

The new class has had the number rods arrive in the post and the children are involved in opening this work

The geometric cabinet has finally arrived in the post

An advance child gives lessons to a younger child with the sandpaper numbers

eye dropper work has been added in practical life as the children advance in more complex pincer work

Harper is advancing onto pouring in multiple container of different sizes

Complex pouring

Children are building complex sentences

Here Eva is doing a metal inset, she has moved from basic shading to complex shading